Kingswood: 01179673649

Yate: 01454329901


Our Managerment team are all experienced lead professionals with fully accredited paediatric first aid training

Abi Cox

Senior Company Manager

  Designated Safegaurding Lead

Leanne Newman

Kingswood Settings Manager  

  Designated Safegaurding Lead

Joanna Henshall

Yate Settings Manager    

  Designated Safegaurding Lead

Lisa Swales

The Oaks Settings Manager    

  Designated Safegaurding Lead

The Oaks: 07483330634

Opening Hours Monday - Friday 07:30- 18:00


Little Oaks Day Nursery and Pre-School has two settings within the South Gloucestershire area.  Our settings are bright, spacious, providing outdoor learning environments for all children.

We pride ourselves on being proactive in the development of children’s learning through individual interests, in order to embrace a child’s stage of development

with a focus on the process of learning

Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum Goal Is to ensure all children in our care are safe, secure and nurtured in an environment that is designed to make the most of their varied talents and skills.

It is our intention to:-

1: Promote self-discovery, exploration and curiosity towards learning

2: Promote an ethos of mutual respect and kindliness toward each other. With acceptable codes of behaviour

3: Promote positive behaviour and an understanding of behavioural boundaries.

4: Promote self-esteem and confidence in an environment where children are encouraged to try new activities and experiences and achievement is celebrated.